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First Aid Courses

TinyWoodHomes launched its Corporate Accommodation with a ‘bloody’ start!

A Two day Residential First Aid course was hosted in Silver Star Barn for 5 attendees.

Practical First Aid scenarios were set up around the 120 acre farm, which included realistic finger amputations, heart attacks and diabetic hypoglycaemia.

All 5 delegates were accommodated for 2 nights in separate Covid secure self catering accommodation.

Thanks go to Matt Iliot of Different Perspective Training for his brilliant delivery of the course within Covid secure protocol.


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First Aid:

Workplace First Aid.

Outdoor First Aid

First Aid for Students

Bespoke First Aid for Education.

Health & Safety Courses


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Off Site Safety Management.

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Educational Aids:

Behavioural Management and educational re-intergration.

Managing Integration and social change.

See for more info on these courses.


(Essential courses such as these are allowed to proceed under currant lockdown legislation where covid guidelines are strictly adhered to.)


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